Wednesday, January 18, 2012

To Bahia Honda

Jim pushed off with the group at 7:52 am EST, heading for Bahia Honda.  The weather there is great, as seen on the "net," with zero wind, 73% humidity, clear skies and a temp of 75 degrees.  Out here on the plains our high is expected to be 49 today, with the low temp. this am at 18 degrees F, and it's very dry.  We're in normal OK wind conditions - S/SW at about 15 with gusts over 20.  Don't know how the wild birds survive here in this dry, cold winter weather.  On Bahia Honda the group of paddlers is likely to see many types of birds we'd never see here, including endangered white crowned pigeons.  Poisonwood trees there are probably as common as the Blackjack oaks and cedars are here.  We were surprised when we moved out here several years ago to find that this area regularly hosts migrating pelicans and sandhill cranes, as well as large flocks of snow geese and Canada geese.  Jim should have many opportunities for getting photos while on the extended stay at Bahia Honda (they'll be taking an extra day there) which he'll share on his facebook page and blog upon his return home. 

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