Saturday, January 14, 2012


The group will be pushing off early today, Saturday, January 14,  from Coconut Grove Resort on Windley Key.  All of Windley Key is within the municipal limits of the community of Islamorada.  Prior to construction of Henry Flagler's East Coast Railroad down through the keys in the early 1900s, Windley Key was actually two small islands, known as Umbrella Keys.  The two islands were filled in during construction of the railroad and the name was changed to Windley Key after a settler.  Several extensive stone quarries were worked on the key, yielding fossilized coral in the form of Key Largo limestone.  The limestone was used in construction of the rail bed, and in later years to make ornamental features for buildings.  The quarries were worked until the 1960s.  Jim will write more on this history later.  Being a susperstitious sailor of long standing, I'm thankful that the trip yesterday was a safe one.  It's believed by most sailors that no voyage should begin on a Friday, and certainly not on Friday the 13th!   :>) :>)  Hope today is a good day for all. 

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