Thursday, January 12, 2012

miles to go

Jim checked in yesterday for this newest adventure.  He was 1952.7 miles from home when he called.  Anyone who knows him will not find that precise measurement surprising.  At the moment he's on a bus, headed back to Key Largo to the Pennecamp Coral State Park where the group will begin their 110-mile paddle south to Key West.  The entire group checked in yesterday and spent the night about one mile north of Key Largo at a lodging house.  A skipper's meeting is scheduled for this evening.  Jim said there are various rumors about the weather they are expected to experience, but he's relying on official weather forecasts.  After years of blue water sailing he's sure to keep a good eye on the weather.  The group is to break camp at first light tomorrow and be ready to push off at 7AM.  The first leg is going to be a challenge for everyone - 18 miles of open salt water paddling.  Good luck and God speed to all!

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