Monday, January 16, 2012

Between Kraal and Fat Deer

Jim checked in at 1:56 EST after a trip of approximately 12 miles from Long Key.  The group is spending the night at Curry Hammock State Park on Long Point Key.  That key is situated between Kraal or Crawl Key and Fat Deer Key, and has a very nice camping place for the group.  For one thing, there is more than one shower.  At Coconut Grove Resort, the entire group had to wait in line for one available shower.  Jim took advantage of the opportunity today to wash his clothes - while wearing them in the shower - before taking care of normal ablutions.  :>)  Don't you all wish you could do that???  Have to give this group a lot of credit.  Included in the group is a 79-year-old woman who is paddling solo.  Her daughter and son are also participants in the trip.  They are from Vermont.  Jim said one member of the over-all group opted out of the paddle today, choosing instead to be transported by truck to the day's end-point, after his experience with yesterday's weather and sea conditions.  Jim was happy that today's weather, although the wind was at 25 knots, led to smaller waves.  His knees, though, are really sore from having to brace against the sides of the boat in the seas.  Happily, everyone in the group made it in safely today.  Weather forecasted for tomorrow is supposed to give them some relief. 

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