Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rolling to the Keys

Jim sends a happy high-five as he sets out today driving to the southern terminus of his trip in the Florida Keys.  He enjoyed an 8-mile paddle in the Peace River yesterday, with flat waters and calm wind.  He's now looking forward  to exploring the Keys with about 70 other paddlers.  Participants in this seven day open water paddle will be leaving their vehicles at the southern end of the trip and be shuttled back to the northern entry point.  Jim said he'll be thinking about the 7-mile bridge in the Keys as he drives over it, wondering what it will be like to paddle back underneath it.  Together the two of us have driven over and sailed under many bridges, here and abroad, but never this particular bridge.  Fair winds and gentle seas are my wish for everyone participating in this waterborne exploration of the Keys.  Go safely!

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