Sunday, February 20, 2011

Paddler's Reading List

Over the next four days, I’ll give you a paddler’s reading list that has been assembled from a number of sources.  These run the gamut---instructional, historical, classic literature, adventure narrative. These can be copied to your own files for long-term reference. These are condensed to save space, but appear as author’s last name first, first name, forward slash and book title. Enjoy.

From an administrative perspective, I spoke with Scott Smith, of Superior Canoes, yesterday. He says Ibi will be done in a couple weeks. The original plan was to pick it up in Michigan and bring it home for rigging and some test trips, but since we’re about two months behind schedule, when it’s ready, we will pick it up and head straight for Florida to start the Florida Circumnavigation.

(Last updated 16 December 17)

Abbey, Edward / Freedom and Wilderness
Abbey, Edward / Down the River
Adams, Karl / Wake of the Wind Dancer
Adney, Edwin Tappan & Chappelle, Howard / Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of  North America
Ambrose, Stephen E. / Undaunted Courage
Anderson, Scott / Distant Fires
Archer, Laurel / Northern Saskatchewan Canoe Trips

Arseniev, Vladimir K. / Dersu The Trapper (Russian literature compared to the Journals of Lewis and Clark or novels of James Fenimore Cooper)
Backes, David / Spirit of the North, The Quotable Sigurd F. Olson
Balf, Todd / The Last River: The Gragic Race for Shangri-la
Bass, Rick / The Lost Grizzlies
Bechdel, Les and Slim Ray / River Rescue: Manuel for Whitewater Safety
Bell, Bob / Oh, no! We're Gonna Die
Belleville, Bill / River of Lakes: Journey on Florida's St. Johns River

Benidickson, Jamie / Idleness, Water & A Canoe
Berger, J & Terry, T. / Canoe Atlas of the Little North
Berton, Pierre / The Arctic Grail: The Quest for the Northwest Passage.
Bigon, Mario / The Morrow Guide To Knots
Bishop, Nathaniel H. / Voyage of the Paper Canoe: A Geographical Journey of 2500 miles from Quebec to the Gulf of Mexico

Breining, Greg / Wild Shore: Exploring Lake Superior by Kayak
Brower, Kenneth / The Starship and the Canoe
Browning, Peter / The Last Wilderness

Cary, Bob / Root Beer Lady: Story of Dorothy Molter
Callan, Kevin / Killarney
Callan, Kevin / Wilderness Pleasures: Practical Guide of Camping Bliss

Chandler, Laurie Apgar / Upwards: Story of the First Woman to Solo Thru-Paddle NFCT
Cherry-Garrard, Apsley / The Worst Journey in the World (Antarctica 1910-13)
Coffin, Stewart / Black Spruce Journals

Combs, Rick & Gillen, Steve / Canoeing and Kayaking Ohio's Streams
Connors, Tim & Christine / Lipsmackin' Backpackin'

Conover, Garrett / Beyond the Paddle:  A Canoeist's Guide to Expedition Skills
Cook, Sam / /Moving Waters

Cook, Sam / Up North: Adventures on Northern Waters
Cook, Sam / Quiet Magic
Cook, Sam / Friendship Fires
Cook, Sam / Camp Sights
Cook, Sam / Campsights CB
Cook, Sam &I Richter, Jeff / Pure Superior
Cook, Sam / Winter of the Heart
Corbett, Ron / The Last Guide

Curran, William Tees / In Canada's Wonderful Northland: A Story of Eight Months of Travel by Canoe, Motorboat, and Dog Team on the Northern Rivers and Along the New Quebec Coast of Hudson Bay
Curren, David / Canoe Trip North to Athabasca
Czajikowski, Chris / Diary of a Wilderness Dweller

Daanen, Katina / The NFCT Through-Paddler's Companion
Dalgado, James / Across The Top Of The World
Davidson, James West & Rugge, John / Great Heart; The History of a Labrador Adventure
Davidson, James West & Rugge, John / The Complete Wilderness Paddler
Davis, Richard, editor / Nahanni Journals – R.M. Patterson’s 1927-1929 Journals
Dennis, Jerry / From A Wooden Canoe
Deschner, Whit / Travel With A Kayak

Dewdney, Selwyn / Indian Rock Paintings of the Great Lakes
DiBenedetto, David / On the Run: An Angler's Journey Down the Striper Coast

Dickson, James / Camping in the Muskoka Region (what became Algonquin Park)
Dina, James / The Voyage of the Ant

Dobson, Patrick / Comoeing The Great Plains: A Missouri River Summer
Douglas, George M. / Lands Forlorn: A Story of an Expedition to Hearn’s Coppermine River
Douglas, Marjory Stoneman / The Everglades: River of Grass
Downes, P.G. / Sleeping Island: A Journey to the Edge of the Barrens

Duff, Chris / One Man's Journey Around Ireland
Dunnett, Alistair M / Quest by Canoe: Glasgow to Skye
Ehrlich, Gretchen / This Cold Heaven

Elgin, Duane / Voluntary Simplicity
Ellingson, David / Paddle Pilgrim
Emdin, Brian / Survival Secrets

Evans, Heb / Canoeing Wilderness Waters
Evans, Heb / Canoe Camping
Favour, Alpheus / Old Bill Williams
Ferrier, Marrion & Ben / God's River Country
Finch, David R.M. Patterson, / A Life of Great Adventure
Finklestein & Stone / Paddling the Boreal Forest, Rediscovering A.P. Low
Finklestein, Max / Canoeing A Continent

Foster, Nigel / Encounters from a Kayak: Native People, Sacred Places, & Hungry Polar Bears
Francis, Nicholas & William Butcher / Mississippi Madness: Canoeing the Mississippi & Missouri
Fredston, Jill / Rowing to Latitude
Freuchen, Peter / Arctic Adventure
Freuchen, Peter / Vagrant Viking

Furtman, Michael / A Season for Wilderness 
Gent, Tim / Canoe Camping

Gent, Tim / Campfire Cooking
Gibbon, John M. / The Romance of the Canadian Canoe
Giddings, J. Calvin / Demon River Apurimac

Gidmark, David / Birchbark Canoe: Life Among the Algonquin
Gilbert, Elizabeth / The Last American Man
Gontran de Poncis / Kabloona

Goodwin, Ray / Canoeing
Gonzales, Laurence / Deep Survival
Graves, John / Goodbye to a River

Gray Owl / Tales From an Empty Cabin
Grey Owl / The Collected Works of Grey Owl

Grey Owl / The Men of the Last Frontier
Griffith, Cary / Lost in the Wild
Grinnell, George / A Death on the Barrens

Hahn, Jennifer & Peterson, Brenda / Spirited Waters: Soloing South Through the Inside Passage
Hall, Alex / Discovering Eden

Halsey, David / Magnetic North: A Trek Across Canada

Harris , Eddy L. / Mississippi Solo
Harris, Richard / Waterwalk: A Passage of Ghosts
Hartling, Neil / Nahanni, River of Gold
Hanbury, David / Sport & Travel in the Northland of Canada

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