Saturday, January 28, 2012

On The Road - 3A

I'd like to thank those who have joined the blog recently as regular followers.  I've never met, but have used Free Wine's website for information on paddling resources here in Oklahoma.  Welcome, 1pinkyak.  If you wish, send a message or add a comment to introduce yourself. 

Here's a picture I missed on the St. Johns River post.  This is a kid's playhouse!  It's large enough to be a mother-in-law or Nana house.  What lucky kids---a pulling boat that has the shape of a Whitehall, and steps that help them down the bank to the water's edge.

While we're off subject, take a look at this video David Hawkins sent me.  What beautiful flight, and just watch the eyes and talons.  Click to full screen and imagine yourself as a mouse.  Wow!

All the best, jim

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