Sunday, January 8, 2012

On The Road - 1

I left NW Oklahoma for the first leg to visit a couple of our friends in North Florida. The first day was 12.5 hours at the wheel for 655.8 miles. The night was spent at a motel in Vicksburg.

On day 2, I completed the trip from Vicksburg to North Florida, and another 13 hours at the wheel for 670.8 miles. I had hoped to make the legs roughly equal, but was surprised to see there was only 14 miles difference between the two. I encountered a lot of fog, first near Hattiesburg, MS, and then crossing Mobile Bay, AL. I was surprised to find the fog inland was actually denser than on the bay.

Saturday, the 7th, was an R&R day. In the afternoon, we drove to St. Augustine and stopped at Carmelo's for pizza. For those who know St. Augustine, the old Florida Railroad administration offices are now dormitories for Flagler College. Carmelo's is right across the street. Imagine that, a pizza parlor and grill across from the dorm complex! Location, location, location. We got two huge 20" pizzas with the idea of keeping the leftovers for dinner. They were so big, that by evening, we were still too full to eat more. The next day when I paddled the St. Johns River, I took a couple of those immense slices for lunch. Keeping the boat stable is one thing.  Balancing a big slab of pizza  on one's leg while paddling, so the saucy slice doesn't slip off into the bilge water, requires a somewhat different skill set, and more attention.

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