Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day off on Bahia Honda

The group is taking a day of rest on Bahia Honda Key.  Jim checked in from there at 13:02 (1:02 PM, EST) yesterday after departing Knight's Key at 7:52 AM. One part of the group left early from Knight's Key, without breakfast, to take advantage of more advantageous tide conditions.  Jim left with the later group.  His group paddled to Molasses Key, and then went on for a lunch stop at Money Key.  Jim said it had been bothersome getting everything packed into the boats that morning,  All their gear had gotten wet overnight because of heavy dew.  During the 7-mile open-water paddle, though, they had experienced calms and seas.  After coming ashore at Bahia Honda, Jim's first consideration was to find a good place to put his gear out to dry and try to find a place to recharge his cell phone batteries.  The next leg of the trip will be a 20-mile paddle down the keys.  Follow along with Jim in Ibi by clicking on the Follow Ibi's SPOT Track link on the right of this blog.  Have a good one everybody. 

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