Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Worst Job Is Done

Credit: Google images

Jean came running in the back door yelling, “Come here. Come here, quick.” (That usually means there’s a snake in the yard, or she’s found panther footprints in the yard. The latter was awhile ago. The ground is so hard now an M-1 tank wouldn’t leave a print in the dirt.) I went outside, in my stocking feet, and she was pointing toward the treetop. There it was. I would assume this wouldn’t be an unusual sight to people in the bird’s habitat, but this isn’t its natural habitat, and I have never seen one before. I went back in for the binoculars, and she went in for the National Geographic bird guide for “Birds of North America, “ which identified it as a yellow-headed blackbird. Larger than a normal blackbird, it is quite spectacular with its brilliant yellow head plumage.

Besides the last minute things you need to do before starting an expedition, there are the last minute jobs to complete to care for the house left behind. My design was to procrastinate as long as possible, and do this task just before leaving to get Ibi. Crawling around under the house on my belly while treating the soil for subterranean termites has to be my most despised house maintenance jobs. While dragging myself through mold and mildew, trying to suck air through a thick mask, smacking spiders into oblivion, and dragging a light and extension cord, hose and spray applicator, spray concentrate, and an assortment of tools, I hate it, but I got it done.

It looks like Darrin will be doing most of his updating on the Facebook link to his blog(Canoe Across America). He got in 21 miles on his first day, but was windbound yesterday. I looked up the Astoria, Oregon, weather to see what he’s looking at. Man! It’s gruesome. The whole week, at least until Thursday, looks like this.

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