Friday, April 15, 2011

Fairview Lions Backing Expedition

Our son, also James, is editor of the local Fairview Republican Newspaper. We had sent him a press release on Paddle-to-the-Sea, and he came by to interview us further for next Wednesday’s newspaper article. During our trip, he will try to spearhead publicity efforts along the way by contacting local media outlets along our route. He’s really being great in supporting our efforts.

We’re all packed and ready to shove off, but we’re getting 50-60 mph winds today. Trying to pull the RV in that is a waste of time---and gas. James is setting up a Facebook page for us to keep you up to date. Until I get used to it, just ignore anything that appears strange. I’m being thrown into the technology pool head first.

I had done a program for the Fairview Lions Club a couple weeks ago on Paddle-to-the-Sea. Linda Klinger, club president, called me yesterday morning following their board meeting to say that the club had decided to sponsor Save The Children for the first two hundred miles of my paddle. My approach to the Lions Club was for them to get me started, and then have local clubs along my route support Save The Children in turn. Each club on their own would decide how much per mile they would be willing to contribute and for how many miles. It’s hard work, and while I’ll paddle for a dollar/mile of Save The Children donations, I’m hoping we can raise more donations per mile as more people get involved. While the Fairview Lions Club has me underway, they will also be trying to get the Lions district, national, and international organizations to take up the challenge to keep me going. Other groups can contribute as well, and we can really support Save The Children if more than one club is willing to sponsor the same miles, or join other groups in sponsoring miles. We can support a great cause and have some fun all at the same time. So, I’d like to sincerely thank Fairview Lions Club for their support and confidence in getting me started. We’re underway.

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