Saturday, April 23, 2011


Jim and Ibi took off today at 11:05 AM without too much fuss.  A bit of repacking was necessary to accomodate the canoe cart.  Even with the cart completely disassembled it was bulky but Jim finally got the job done.  It will probably take a few days to work out all the kinks (in the systems and in Jim's muscles) and for him to get going smoothly.  Several people were at the ramp at Beck's Fish Camp to wish Jim and Ibi god-speed and some donations were promised (and given) to the Save the Children organization in the name of Paddle-To-The-Sea.  Our gracious thanks for every good wish and for the donations to Save the Children.  Our thanks also to Mr. Jim Parker of the West Florida Canoe and Kayak Club who paddled north from an inlet near Rt 90 north of Pensacola to paddle down-bayou with Jim throughout the afternoon.  Jim says his company was a most welcome addition to the afternoon.  For the night Jim is encamped on a spoil bank close to the Pensacola Power Plant.  The weather is supposed to hold nice, if a bit windy (and wouldn't you know it - right on the nose) until Tuesday when there is a possibility of thunderstorms.  In the words of an Irish prayer, Jim, I wish the wind would be always at your back.  Stay strong and persevere.

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