Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter addition

Jim did phone in after all.  He said he was "whupped."  Wind was about 15 dead on the nose all day and he had to dig deep to get the distance.  He'd been given some info to stay on the west shore but that wasn't the best situation.  The RR runs along there with heavy concrete rip/rap everywhere for a fair distance off the bank.  Said if anyone had to get ashore and they were lucky enough to make it alive that their boat sure wouldn't.  He's hoping for better winds tomorrow.  Asked if I had seen a blue tarp with tent pegs.  When the answer was no on my end he said he knew he was carrying too much gear - can't find everything.  Guess it'll take awhile to shake out all the kinks.  He'll probably lighten the load when we make our first rendezvous.   Good-night and God-speed!

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