Monday, April 25, 2011

Wind and more friends

It will seem funny to our friends in Oklahoma that we're complaining about the wind.  Out there the wind seemingly never stops. Fence chains standing straight out in the wind are a standard joke there.  On the opposite side of that story, in many years of  blue-water sailing Jim and I have encountered many periods of absolute calm and complained then about the inactivity.  Jim is now in a totally different mode - in a tiny craft on open water, trying to make headway against determined headwinds.  He's persevering, though, and got in 14.7 miles before stopping.  He's tucked in at Santa Rosa Island for the night, and even found a small tree with some high branches on which to tie his garbage bag.  We've had experiences before with night-time marauders wanting garbage goodies and I have to worry about that here at the fish camp too.  Jim has quite a camp-following, with me, our two Siamese kitties and four of my birds along as the cheering section.  It looks like Jim is in for more of the same weather tomorrow, with a slight possibility of thunder storms.  We did make some new friends today.  A group of paddlers from the Panama City Kayakers Club contacted us and are planning on joining Jim for a couple of days when he gets down that way.  We also welcome Trailridgetom, of the Florida Paddling Trails Association,  as a new follower.  Yvonne Hill, Editor-in-Chief of the United States Power Squadrons (of which Jim is a lifetime member) also contacted us today to say that the story of Jim's Paddle-To-The-Sea venture is going to be in the organization's magazine, THE ENSIGN.  All in all, a very good day.  Peaceful paddling to everyone.

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