Sunday, April 17, 2011

Keeping in Touch

I should add a note on the logistics of maintaining contact with those that have expressed an interest in following the trip. I will not be carrying a laptop, solar panel, batteries and all that baggage in the canoe. On a daily basis (as long as I have cell phone contact) I’ll let either my wife or son know how things are going, and they are graciously posting short reports on Facebook. (Click Jim’s Facebook in right column.) With that and the SPOT track, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what is happening and where I am. When I get in after a leg, I’ll post the meat of the story along with the pictures here on the blog. To save on batteries, I won’t run the SPOT all the time unless I’m in adverse conditions.  The rest of the time I’ll ping an OK position check-in a couple times a day, primarily mid-day and when I stop of a night.

I’ll echo a couple things Steve Retz passed along. “I understand. I've been unemployed or underemployed for more than 2 years myself so I know what it's like to be tapped out. I would be frank with your followers about your financial situation. You might be amazed how many people want to help in any way they can. Just let them know about any needs you may have. People want to help other people if they can.”

Jim - It’s unlikely I’d have been comfortable bringing this up, but since Steve did, thanks Steve. I had hoped to get sponsorship from an oil company, but had no luck. The two biggest things that I feel will jeopardize the trip are RV parking for the shore support, and gasoline to keep moving. Since RV parks are privately owned, there isn’t much I can do there, but if anyone has a gas outlet or dealership that would be willing to sponsor a gas card, that would be HUGE support. If anyone along the coast has enough space for a 25-ft. trailer and a bit of shade, that would also be a great help. If a power outlet is within reach of a power cord, we’ll pay for power. Also, I have charts from New Orleans up the East Coast to Delaware Bay. If anyone has used charts for sale or loan for the rest of the route, that would also be a big help. I’ve planned for this year. When we take the winter break, I’ll plan the next legs. If you have any ideas here, give Jean a call. Thanks to everyone.

Steve again: “Also I would put the word out that you are looking for paddlers along the way to meet up with on your journey. You'll find the best part about traveling is the people you meet along the way. There's nothing like a local to guide you through an area and tell you local stories. True or not.”

Jim - Absolutely. You’ll know where I am, so the more the merrier.

“And ask your regular followers to recommend to their friend they follow your trip. Many of us want-to-be really do enjoy your writings and Photos.”

Jim - Yes, definitely pass the word about both the blog and Facebook page. Thanks to all, and I hope you will enjoy the trip as much as I hope to. Okay, we’re out the door. Best wishes to all, and don’t forget to support Save The Children. Thanks

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