Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Arriving in Florida

We arrived in Florida at 1630 today, and got set up at Beck’s Fish Camp at Cantonment, FL, just north of Pensacola.  The plan is to get cleaned up and have everything ready for Saturday morning at 0900.  Ted Brown, of Beck’s Fish Camp, is having local media here to see me off. We sincerely thank them for their support and cordial welcome.  They are providing sponsorship.  More on their facility later, but if you wish to enjoy a taste of Old Florida, check their site at
That’s the current info, but to back up to our departure, we got underway Sunday, the 17th.  We got underway at 1415, but ran into 40 mph winds that almost stopped the RV.  Fuel mileage dropped to 9.2 mpg, and after fighting that for 41 miles, we found a place to stop for the night.
On Monday, the 18th, we started at 0715 with a light breeze, but as the sun returned, so did the winds.  However, they remained in the 25-30 mph range, and we maintained 11 mpg.  We were going to end up in Dallas right at rush hour, so we took 380 west from Denton, TX, to Greenville, TX, and US 69 south to Mineola, for a run of 340.9 mi.
On Tues, 19th, we were underway with 25-37 mph winds, but make out okay because I-20 was lined with high forested banks.  Once we got through Monroe, LA, however, the road became exposed to the wind, and I had my hands full staying in my lane, so we found a spot at Rayville, and stopped for a run of 236.9 miles.  As we drove along, we got a call from Steve Retz, who had been hard at work for us.  He had made contact with Jake Stachovak, who had done the Portage to Portage Project last year, and asked Jake if he could offer any assistance.  I called Jake, and he was most cordial and anxious to “pay it forward”, as he put it.  He has already given me a couple suggestions, and says he remains ready to help at any point in the trip.  Thanks to both of you.  I’m beginning to see the “community” in paddling already.
Today saw us off at 0740, and while the wind had turned southeast to remain right in our faces, it was a mild 20-25, and we maintained a respectable 11.9 mpg until we arrive at Beck’s Fish Camp after 345.7 miles.  That make a total run of 959.6 miles from NW Oklahoma to a Pensacola.

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