Monday, July 15, 2013

Save Longhorn Mountain

Credit: Nancy Mace
I have never understood the logic in destroying something beautiful, something that has existed for millions of years, and in this case something sacred to the Kiowa Indian tribe, for a short-term monetary gain.  This has happened so often, like Bell Mountain, in Georgia, where the Corning Glass Company destroyed the mountain by tearing the top off the mountain, and then they walked off and left the mountain defaced forever once they discovered the mountain didn't contain the right quality of silica.  No jobs, no profit, and an important part of the beautiful mountain scenery destroyed for all generations to come.  Here, Stewart Stone wants to do the same thing by dynamiting the mountain and crushing it for stone.  I would be most grateful if everyone reading this post would go to the link and sign the petition trying to protect this part of the Wichita Mountains in Southwest Oklahoma.  You don't have to be from Oklahoma to sign the petition.  All you need is a desire to protect our natural landscape for furture generations.  Thanks, jim

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