Sunday, July 14, 2013

Back to Bull Shoals Lake

I just found some information from the Army Corps of Engineers that Jean had picked up. If you’re a numbers person, you’ll undoubtedly find this fascinating.

In the post, I had talked about water releases from the lake for electrical power generation as a 3-generator release, or 5-generator release. There are actually eight generators. I can’t imagine that much water running down the river, as I was awakened from a sound sleep one night by the sound of rushing water. I understood that to be a 5-generator release, but our camp was 32-miles below the dam.

There are 16 lake outlet conduits. Each generator is fed by two water conduits, each 4 X 9 ft. That’s a lot of water. In the event of flood conditions, there are also 17 spillway gates, each measuring 40 X 29 feet.

As for the dam itself, it rises 256 feet above the streambed, and is 2,256 feet long, or roughly a half-mile. There were 2.1 million cubic yards of concrete poured in its construction. The spillway is 808 feet long. At conservation pool level, the lake has a 740 mile shoreline. At flood pool, that increases to 1,050 miles.

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