Monday, July 22, 2013

Pine Haven, Milford, DE

Showy Evening Primrose.
We were up early the next morning. We broke camp, got the RV ready, had breakfast, and were still on the road by 8:30. It was a Sunday morning, so I looked for light traffic. The traffic was heavy all day. After ten-and-a-half hours, we finally arrived at Pine Haven Campground, south of Milford, DE. We were to stay there for a week. That completed our 1,770.3 mile run east. I serviced the Ram before we left, and with mileage run while east, and then the travel back home, I arrived home just in time to service the Ram again.

One of the primary reasons for the trip east was so Jean could visit her 90-year-old mother, living in an assisted living facility in New Jersey. It was supposed to rain all day Monday, so we disconnected the RV and headed for New Jersey. I have a cheater pipe I use to cinch the chains up on the torsion bars of the trailer. In the process of disconnecting the trailer, I inadvertently made the mistake of laying the pipe on the rear bumper of the truck. Tuesday morning, I was to find that after 193 miles up to New Jersey and back, the pipe still lay on the bumper. That was a rare stroke of luck.

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