Sunday, July 7, 2013

Off to White Buffalo Resort

We just returned from another week’s outing, but as promised, I’ll now go back and cover our three-week trip to the East Coast.

As you recall, early June was when Oklahoma saw the rash of tornadoes in numerous communities around Oklahoma City, Moore, El Reno, and elsewhere. The entire area was seeing disturbed weather, as seen out our backdoor the night before leaving for Arkansas. No, this is not Photoshopped.

Looking mean as the thunderheads climb.  The color
is coming from the sunset on the opposite horizon.

We had made reservations to stay at the White Buffalo Resort and Campground near the confluence of the Buffalo and White Rivers in Arkansas while I paddled the Buffalo. One thing after another required cancelling or changing the reservation, and each time involved a $25 change fee. When we left on this trip, the Buffalo was running at 14.5 feet. Anything over 5 feet is considered expert class, and while it was dropping fast, it was going to be nowhere near negotiable by the time we were scheduled to start the 100+ mile descent on Monday, June 3rd. Jean had been wanting to make a trip east to see family anyhow, so we decided to start the trip by camping at the White Buffalo Resort Campground to get some use out of our deposit before it was eaten away by change fees, and stayed two days.

Impressive even from a distance.  The White River runs between
the line of trees in front of the cabins and the bluffs.
It was a 389-mile run across Oklahoma and into Northwest Arkansas, and we were able to make the entire trip on Rt. 412 until Gassville, Arkansas. We had left at 8:30 am, and arrived at 7:30 pm. Google Maps said it was a 7-hour trip, but that didn’t take into consideration towing an RV, nor being parked on the highway in Tulsa for an hour for highway construction.

As the sun sets, the colors soften, and just a few rays of sunlight
touch the cliff face and trees.  Buddy looks out over the White River.


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