Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mechanical Malfunction

Don't you love it.  We're down to the last fifty things we need to get done to start a trip.  One of the last-minute jobs is getting all the laundry washed, some of which we need for the trip, and the washer loses its spin cycle.  The dryer is doing overtime, because everything that comes out of the washer has to be wrung out in the sink, and is still too soaked for full loads in the dryer.  The light fabrics go in the dryer, the heavier things go outside on the line.  Some of the stuff that came in off the line from earlier is still damp, so it's hanging over shower curtains and railings around the house to dry overnight.

So, not even out the door yet, and I've already started a to-do list for when we get back.  Actually, it will just go on the list I'm still working on.  If I'm lucky, maybe it's just a belt.

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