Friday, January 18, 2013

wind, rain, WIND

The guys got in at about 4 today after lots of wind, rain showers and more wind, which just kept cranking up.  Jim asked me not to write too much, as it wouldn't leave much for him to tell later, so check back later for his input.  He did spend much of the day in foul-weather gear, and had to chase a mosquito out of the tent while he was talking to me at 6 PM, despite the 35-MPH winds.  One funny thing did happen during the day - they had to evade cows crossing the river, and they had to kick cow patties out of the way in order to set up their tents.  The saga continues, and they are at 73.1 miles into the trip.  The alligator count is at 200.  Till then,  Happy Paddling!  :>D  Jean

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