Saturday, January 12, 2013

In Palatka

Day 5, the 11th, was the big wrap-up day.  I took the Ram for service so it's ready for the return trip.  We don't carry more groceries in the RV than we need while on the road.  All the extra weight of filling the pantry before starting a trip just translates into more gas consumption simply to haul the weight.  So, the second stop was to get a month's provisions for Jean.  We got the six birds and their cages moved indoors and out of the trailer.  While I'm off paddling, Jean shares her love of birds with David and Margie Hawkins, the friends she is staying with and fellow bird fanciers.  The third stop was to show her where the Pico Road boat ramp is, so she can meet me there at the end of the trip.  After dinner, I set up pages on David's computer so Jean can post trip updates when phone service enables me to contact her.  As I'm sure many others have experienced, phone service is often spotty or inaccessible.  We're presently in an AT&T dead zone, if anyone has been trying to reach us.  It's strange how none of these dead zones seem to show up on the coverage area maps AT&T shows you when selling you 'service'.  Anyhow, it is one more day of tasks and visiting before heading to the St. Johns River.

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