Monday, January 28, 2013

Paddlin' Again'

We left Dave and Margie's at 7:30, headed for the Rt. 50 bridge over the St. Johns River, just west of Titusville.  Filled up the truck and had breakfast at McD's in Palm Coast, and were then underway down I-95.  We reached Rt. 50 at 10 AM and saw numerous power-gliders soaring above the marshes.  Wish we could have seen one being launched.  Jim unloaded the truck next to an airboat ramp.  The ramp was constructed of lengthwise wooden skids in parallel rows about 10 feet wide and maybe 30 feet from the roadway down to the water.  Everything was stowed in Ibi and Jim shoved off at 11 AM. I watched his progress until he passed out of sight at the juncture of the side creek and the main river system, and then drove back to our friend's home in St. Johns County.  By 2:10 PM Jim was at his next stopping, Hatbill Park.  Today he will cross Puzzle Lake and stop at the Jolly Gator, adjacent to the Lee County Park.  Hopefully his GPS will guide him safely through the torturous channels of Puzzle Lake without incident.  He saw some huge gators yesterday, one of them seemingly as big as a large SUV.  Guess he had no problems with them last night as he's well underway today.  Will keep an eye on his progress throughout the day on his SPOT.  You can do the same by following IBI's SPOT track, found on the right-hand side of this blog.  Have a good one!  Jean

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