Friday, January 11, 2013

On The Road - 1

Well give this a try.  I'm using someone else's computer, and the blogger dashboard looks totally different.  Anyhow, on Monday, Jan. 7, after getting the cats inoculated, and settling last minute details on the RV, we still got underway at 10:30.  We traveled south on I-35 from Oklahoma City, and didn't quite make Dallas when we stopped at McClains RV Campsite Park at Exit 485.  It was right along the service road of I-35, so no time was lost driving inland several miles.  The facility was really nice, but after several days of rushed preparation, we were too exhausted to enjoy the amenities, and we were in the sack by 7:20.  Again, if you want to follow the trip, click Follow Ibi's SPOT Track in the right margin.  The positions remain on the plot for a week.

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