Friday, January 11, 2013

On The Road - 2

On Tuesday, the 8th, we were underway by 8:15 and headed for Dallas.  Someone (no names) wanted to take an "over the river and through the woods" route to avoid the Dallas traffic, so off we went.  There were 14 small towns, and while I didn't count them, the red lights were in the hundreds.  It took four hours, half our drivng day, to get around Dallas.  The change in route sounded like a plasible idea, but it was a bust.  We probably only averaged 30-35 mph.  The rain that we had started early to avoid came on with a gusto.  Sometimes it was just heavy, but it also reached periods where it was blinding.  This route did accomplish one thing.  I had spent a lot of time trying to adjust the brakes so the rig wouldn't jack-knife if something jumped up in front of us and we had to lock-up the brakes.  I've never encountered this before, especially on a slippery, wet road, but the occasion did arise. I did have to stomp the brakes, and while we slid a bit, the rig stayed perfectly straight.  This is obviously no way to break in a new set of trailer tires, but it added another arrow to the quiver of experience.  To me, the RV towing is totally different from driving a tractor-trailer.  I always felt a lot more secure towing a 55,000 pound trailer behind a proper tractor, than towng a 6,000 pound RV behind a pick-up.

By day's end, we crossed the Mississippi River and passed through Vicksburg.  At Exit 19 in Mississippi, we stopped at Askew Landing RV Park.  (From the exit, go north just 50 ft. past the interstate and left on Askew Landing Road for 2.5 miles to the park.)  We were very impressed with it, and would recommend it.  I think they may see us again.  There is a nice lake, large, spacious campsites, ducks and geese, and very friendly staff welcoming you to a scenic, rustic, wooded area.  It was a former plantation, and the site of two Civil War engagements in 1863.

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