Monday, January 7, 2013

About On The Road

The trailer is loaded, and the canoe is on the truck. Since they are going out of state, we need to take the two cats to get their inoculations updated in the morning, and then we’ll be headed south. The cats will of course stay with Jean while I’m on the river. We were going to leave Tuesday, but we’re hoping to stay ahead of a rain system. I don’t relish towing a big trailer on wet roads. If we were really getting rain here, as rare as that is, it would almost be worth staying home to watch it, but I know they lie. The rain never comes through here, but will head south and east of us, and we’d have to drive through it all the way across SE Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama.

After visiting with friends in North Florida for a couple days, I will head to Middleton’s Fish Camp on Blue Cypress Lake, west of Vero Beach, meet Gus Bianchi, and be ready to head down the St. Johns River with him on Monday the 14th. Another friend, Paul Higbee, will be fishing on the Gulf Coast, and will stop by Middleton’s to see us off. Jean will try to post updates on the blog when I’m able to find cell phone service, and then I’ll start a complete report with pictures when I return. During the trip, just click on “Follow Ibi’s SPOT Track” in the right margin, and follow along. It should be a real interesting trip.

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