Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ibi's Day Out on Latonka

This is what Lake Latonka looked like the morning I got up for
what was supposed to be my paddling day.  That is what led us
to take the day in Medicine Park.

The settled weather forecast for yesterday finally arrived today.  I loaded Ibi on the canoe cart and walked her to the beach for an easy launch.  Jean walked along to see me off.  Lake Lawtonka has a 19-mile shoreline.  I paddled north to do the shoreline in a counterclockwise direction.  I was earnestly hoping that I’d get a chance to see an elk along the shore, but wildlife was limited to coots, herons, cormorants, geese, a few sandhill cranes, even fewer lonely mergansers, but a lot of pelicans.  I continued north until I reached a long peninsula that juts to the southwest.  Once I rounded it, I could reach the headwaters and a marina/campground complex along the Meers-Porter Mill Road.  Just then, unfortunately, a breeze sprang up from the south.  Considering how unsettled the weather had been, I was concerned about being too far downwind if the wind strengthened, so I cut across to the western shore and paddled south along the base of Mount Scott.

Mergansers aren't common here, so I was pleased to see them.

The white American pelican, however, can be seen in flocks
of hundreds.

Isn't it nice to be able to take your hard-shelled camper wherever
you go.  As an aside, I just learned that Chesapeake Light Craft
has designed a tear-drop camper trailer for the same construction
methods used for their canoe and kayak building.  They are now
finishing the construction manual and video, which should be ready
shortly.  If you'd like a closer look, go to:

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