Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ibi's Day Out - 3

Credit: WindPaddle Sails
My set-up looks a little different from what this picture shows.  
First, my sail is yellow to match Ibi’s deck.  Then, this young 
lady looks a heck of a lot cuter with her sail than I do with mine.  
What can you do?

From the north end of the lake, I continued south to the very southwest corner of the lake where a stream connects to Lake Elmer Thomas.  Another sand and gravel beach there made a wonderful place for a lunch break.  With the wind blowing straight out of the southwest, the water off the beach was flat, and the wind would carry me straight back to the campground.  I had carried my WindPaddle Cruiser sail along, and since I rarely get the chance to use it, I popped it open for a downwind run back home.  It carried me right back to the beach, where I could relax and enjoy the full moon over the lake.

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