Sunday, January 3, 2016

Captured Heartbeats

Photo credit: from Rich's Facebook page

If you haven’t caught up with Rich Brand yet, this trip will be an interesting one to watch.  This will be a circumnavigation of the Eastern United States that will total roughly 7,300 miles.  Those that have done the trip before ran about 6,000 miles.  The difference is that this trip is planned to run around the Gaspe Peninsula and up the St. Lawrence Seaway rather than the normal course through the Hudson River and Erie Barge Canal.

The paddler is Rich Brand from Denver, CO.  He pushed off from north of New Orleans at 11:03 this morning (Sunday, the 3rd).  
The map for tracking his progress may be found at:
His Facebook page is at:
And his blog is at:

For your convenience, so they can be accessed directly from here, the tracker map has been added in the right margin under Favorite Links, and the blog is under it at Favorite Blogs.

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