Friday, March 29, 2013

Whitewater Clinic

Mulberry River.
Photo Credit: Turner Bend Outfitters
The Ozark Mountain Paddlers are holding a whitewater paddling training clinic on the Mulberry River this weekend in Western Arkansas. The Mulberry, listed as one of the National Wild & Scenic Rivers, begins in the Ozark Mountains and runs 62 miles before its confluence with the Arkansas River. The event will be held at Turner Bend, where the river gradient is 11 feet per mile, guaranteeing plenty of action. They assure us it will be a strenuous and exhausting weekend, and there’s no way to minimize the fact that the river is still flowing with ice water. If I survive the weekend, and spend more time in the boat than swimming after it, this should be a great start for the paddling season. Wish me luck.

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