Monday, March 11, 2013

The Hornbeck Homecoming

I had looked around on Google Earth to find a place convenient for both myself and the driver to meet, and settled on the Cowboy Travel Plaza at I-35 and Rt. 52, east of Stillwater, OK. As soon as the driver called back to say he was only 93 miles away from there, I jumped in the Ram and headed east, as I had just about the same distance to cover. We each arrived at the plaza within ten minutes of one another. With the Hornbeck Fourteen transferred to my pick-up, the driver headed on for Austin.

Still wrapped in her plastic-wrap cocoon until this morning.
It was midnight by the time I got back home, so I didn’t get a chance until this morning to unwrap all the plastic from the boat and get my first look at it. Hornbeck did a great job on her, and the cherry wood trim is beautiful. I’ll have to oil the wood right away…well, almost right away, as I suspect I’ll have to get afloat and try her out first.

Meet "Buddy."  It has two structural thwarts, adjustable foot-rests, a formed foam seat, a
thwart just behind the seat supporting the backrest, and a removable portage yoke
still mounted in front of the seat with padded shoulder rests. 


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