Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Week That Was

We’ve finished the St. Johns River story for now. Actually, in reading it, you have finished it; I have not. I thank you for visiting the blog and hope you will return---often---and bring some friends with you. Being able to tell the story and share the pictures is almost like experiencing the trip twice. If humanly possible, I will get back and complete the St. Johns. Gus, on the other hand, returned to the river last Saturday, and should complete the trip as far as the Salt Springs Recreation Area, off Lake George, some time today. I have to admit that when he called me to say he and another paddling companion were going back to the river, I accepted the news with a twinge of pain of the heart that surpassed the pain in my leg. If it sounds like I’m feeling sorry for myself, yes. Sitting here in arid, cold Oklahoma, after the Blizzard of 2013 and the loss of electrical power, makes that easy. However, I’m glad he was able to check another river off his bucket list, and I congratulate him for that.

While Coleman made a very nice folding camp chair, they gave little thought
to the carrying bag.  It is a very loose material that pills, abrades.....
delaminates, and just wears through.
There have been three things keeping me busy and entertained. I’ve been busy cleaning, rethinking, and repacking all my gear. With the help of Jean’s time on the sewing machine, I got a new bag made for my Coleman folding camp chair, and a new bag for my tent pegs. Both have a draw-string top.

We scavenged the carry strap and drawstring, and with some heavy car
upholstery material, made a bag that should last for years.
Second, after shoveling all the snow, I got Ibi all cleaned up and capsized her bow line. To capsize a line means to turn it end-for-end so that hardware that tends to wear or abrade the line now bear on fresh line. It basically at least doubles the life of a line.

Pretty, but the Blizzard of 2013 left hundreds of square miles without power
and collapsed roofs on businesses and homes.
Third, I ordered and received two books from Amazon: “Paddling Northern Wisconsin” and “Paddling Southern Wisconsin,” both by Mike Svob. (Both updated and revised in the last year, and republished by Trails Books, Neenah,WI.) Along with the DeLorme Wisconsin Atlas & Gazetteer, I’ve spent the last week exploring lakes and rivers throughout the state. That has been a really entertaining and an enjoyable way to spend some time.

Illus. credit:
There’s a fourth item, but to keep from running this post too long, I’ll cover it tomorrow. It really deserves some attention of its own.
Have a great day. Cheers, jim



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