Saturday, March 9, 2013

Great River Rumble 2013

This was at one of our rest breaks last year on the Missouri River.
The officers and volunteers of The Great River Rumble have done it again…planned another great paddling event. Each year they organized a week-long paddle on a different Mid-West river. Their popular annual gathering and paddle is scheduled this year for the St. Croix and Mississippi Rivers from 27 July through 3 August. It will involve a paddle of 111 miles from Grantsburg, WI, to Red Wind, MN. The eight day paddle begins with the gathering at Red Wing. The next morning, Saturday, 27 July, everyone boards buses for their shuttle to Grantsburg. All the boats are carried on a huge transport trailer provided by the event’s primary sponsor, Canoe, and a baggage truck carries all the gear each day between camping spots. Meals may be purchased from caterers, or from local cafes or restaurants when camping near a town. Several powerboats accompany the paddlers to provide assistance, rescue, first aid, or otherwise look after the flock. The event ends the following Saturday night with a Farewell Banquet. A map of the route, all planning details, and registration information can be found at:

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