Thursday, March 28, 2013

Driven to Extinction

There are two horrifying shocks here, and I hope you’ll do your part to correct these tragedies.

First, I learned this from the ‘Today’ morning news show yesterday morning. The information came out during the story about a new giraffe being born at a conservation center in Connecticut. The director related that the birth was a double blessing. One, it created a healthy addition to the world’s giraffe population, as the giraffe is an endangered species. Two, it generated media attention that enabled them to bring attention to an extremely serious situation---that, on the average, a new plant or animal species is now going extinct at the rate of one species every twenty minutes. If you believe that every plant and animal was put on earth for a purpose, most of which we haven’t discovered yet, then we can’t begin to imagine what we lose with the disappearance of these species that we will never see again?

The second shock was that while we all know about some species being endangered or lost, I certainly had never heard that they were being lost at such an alarming rate. On the premise that you can’t solve a problem until you recognize it, this is a piece of information that should be common knowledge to every person on the planet. Every twenty minutes, a new species goes extinct because of what WE do and how WE live. Whether by personal contact, or social media, please do your part to spread this information so everyone understands the importance of our actions in protecting our environment. Thank you.

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