Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Susie Bug Net

Credit: Cooke Custom Sewing

We just had a little fun with the Susie Bug Net we purchased from Cooke Custom Sewing. The owner of the local pharmacy, Kidd Drugs, is Susie Martens. Oklahoma is about as far from the water, almost any water, as you can get, so such things as mosquito netting are a bit foreign. We took it up to show it to Susie and modeled it for her. She and the others in the pharmacy got a big kick out of it, but I don’t think they want to be anywhere around when it needs to be used.

It should be about one of the last things we need. I had a head mosquito net, but envisioned having to move about the campsite without any additional protection. There are also some areas where I may get stuck having to spend the night in the canoe, and the Susie Net would be just the thing. I’m a bit bigger than the model above. The net is advertised as being 6-ft. tall and 120-inches in circumference, but I’m 6-2, and with it draped over my head it still has plenty of extra material on the ground. The size is large enough that I could sit in a camp chair to read or enjoy the sunset, and have the net cover both me and the chair. If I do get stuck in the canoe for a night, there is a drawstring around the bottom that would cinch tight and close the enclosure completely. The material is heavy duty, and the construction quality is good. You may want to check their site at link below.

I did a presentation to 40-50 people today at the American Legion Hall.  I'm hoping they will support our efforts to raise funds for Save The Children.  I won't identify the group pending their decision.  The idea was for a different club around the country to sponsor us for each 300 mile leg.  If possible, I'd like to raise at least a dollar a mile as we travel, so if that can be realized, that would be around $13-$15,000 to support the work of Save The Children.  Don't forget, individual donations would be a great help too.  Just add the Code number and Paddle-to-the-Sea in the memo block of the check.  Checks would be payable to Save The Children and sent directly to the address in the top-right, and are tax-deductible. 

Thanks, Jim and Jean

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