Thursday, March 24, 2011

Important Admin. Changes

This is non-paddling related, and concerns the Save The Children fundraising efforts. We need to make a couple administrative changes to the initial release, and I’ll go back and edit it to avoid confusion. My desire was to track donations so we could identify those contributing and recognize them on the blog as Donors. We also wanted to quantify our efforts to make sure our efforts were being productive. The Paddle-to-the-Sea will take about three years to complete, and it was important to me to be able to look at our progress six or nine months out. Obviously, if we were just spinning our wheels and not making a real contribution to Save The Children, there would be no reason to keep doing the same thing for three years. The only down side to the changes is we won’t be able to identify donors ourselves, so can’t recognize those who do contribute. As far as tracking progress, Save The Children is able to accomplish that by creating a separate tracking account. Donation checks will therefore be sent directly to Save The Children at their home address, and in the check memo block the donor would write either Paddle-to-the-Sea or enter the account code. They won’t have the code to me until the middle of next week, but Paddle-to-the-Sea will work either now or later. While we appreciate the local bank’s willingness to participate, this will free them of an additional workload. Following IRS rules, Save The Children will issue receipts for all donations over $250.00.
Anyone wishing to support the expedition can contact us directly.

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