Saturday, March 5, 2011

Everglades Challenge Underway

The Everglades Challenge started at 0700 Eastern today from Fort DeSoto Park in Tampa Bay, FL.  It is a 300 miles endurance challenge that runs south along the West Coast before ending at Key Largo.  You can view the progress of the event on this live map, which will update periodically, or you can regenerate while you're watching with the button at the top of the map.  The three checkpoints are also shown where they have to report.  There are four classes ranging from kayaks and canoes to sailboats.  The criteria for qualifying is the boat has to be small enough to be carried off the beach and launched by hand.  Under Favorite Blogs in the right column is Log of Spartina.  Steve is the shore contact for Sandybottom and Dances with Sandybottom, and will be updating their progress with photos.  Enjoy, Jim

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