Sunday, December 20, 2015

Meet the Next President

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This one looks Presidential.

If you haven’t seen this story yet, it’s too good to let pass.  This could well be the solution to our cast of Republican presidential candidates.  Indeed, it could answer for 99.9% of all positions in Congress.  I don’t say 100%, because I hold the constant hope that hiding somewhere in the shadows of those hallowed halls in Washington (or Tulsa) is at least a solitary statesman, rather than politician.

From the Associated Press comes a story out of Siberia.  In the next week, the council for the city of Barnaul, Russia, will need to choose a new mayor from a field of seven candidates.   Barnaul is a town 1,800 miles east of Moscow.  Their 650,000 residents were asked to vote in an online poll to express their preferences among the six human candidates and one Siamese cat named Barsik.  The voters are so tired of political corruption and incompetence that Barsik nabbed ninety percent of the vote.  In our local paper, this appeared in section ‘B’, page 10.  There’s a message here that’s strong enough to require that it be on page one.

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