Sunday, December 13, 2015

Medicine Park - 3

The Old Plantation Restaurant.  We had lunch here after walking the length
of the Medicine Creek Park.  History here is sometimes hard to comprehend, 
like having lunch only a matter of yards above the creek where Geronimo
was baptized.

This is the Old Plantation's dining area, the same famed restaurant
and dance hall.  While awaiting our lunch order, we walked around
the room looking at old black and white photographs from just after
the turn of the last century.  We ate lunch in the same room as my childhood
heroes, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, as well as all the other famous people.

At the end of the hall is a large fireplace with Grandma's rocking
chair (on the left) still sitting where she left it.  Grandma would have
been happy with my reaction when I saw our order coming out of the
kitchen.  One look at that plate, and I couldn't help chuckle and whisper
"Holy crap."  The fish protruded from all sides of the sandwich's bun, and
the bun was 5-inches square.  With the fries, tomato, lettuce, and condiments,
the plate all but disappeared.  It was not only filling, but delicious.

Cabins have traditionally also been available for lodging.  A hotel
has been added as many of the cabins have been taken over by
businesses.  I wonder how tall Mount Scott would be if all the rocks
where still up there where they started.

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