Monday, February 25, 2013

St. Johns River - Day 8

A female anhinga.
After a week off my feet in the RV, the leg was feeling better, the surgical stockings seemed to be doing their thing, and I was anxious to get on with the trip. Actually, I was trying to walk as much as possible to aid the healing. I wanted to get back in the canoe and try the leg out closer to our base, so paddled 7.3 miles in the St. Johns River near Palatka. I got out once to move about in Palatka and take a few pictures. I was perhaps over-anxious, but I felt this was a reasonably successful trial for resuming the trip. There was no chance to get a picture of them, but I also saw two river otter in two different areas of the river.

Ibi at the Palatka town park.  There was just this little patch of sand
next to the Rt. 17/100 bridge that enabled me to get shore.
At arched pedestrian bridge in the park by the Palatka clock tower.
The clock tower with a little added color.  It was a beautiful day
with the little puffy cumulus clouds, sunny sky, and light breeze.
An adolescent alligator enjoys the day as well.

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