Sunday, February 17, 2013

St. Johns River - Day 4

Gus headed north on the headwaters of the St. Johns.
Little Blue Heron caught as he abandons his post.
Today we paddled from the Sawgrass Shelter on Little Sawgrass Lake, across Sawgrass Lake, and to Oak Tree Camp for a distance of 15.3 miles. When planning, the objective was to make daily runs of about 17 miles to make best use of available daylight. In the upper river, however, the day’s distance made good was most directly impacted by available stopping places. To give an idea of how remote this area is, this morning we were to see our first sign of human development, the buildings at Camp Holly by the US Rt. 192 bridge. The roadway is also called Rt. 500 or the Space Coast Parkway. Holly Camp is primarily a business that provides airboat rides, but they have a large picnic area and snack bar. It was a nice rest stop and a chance to get some Gatorades and ice.

Ibi on her arrival at Holly Camp.
What can say Florida better than two hammocks strung out
under palm trees, and a multi-passenger airboat?
After a break, we repack to head on down river.


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