Sunday, July 8, 2012

River Rumble

The River Route

If you haven't looked at the site, this is the route for the trip.  I spent most of the day printing maps, superimposing Google Earth with that, plotting GPS positions for significant features and for the landing spots for each day.  It will be a couple weeks before I receive the package from the River Rumble staff, but there are few landing spots in most of these areas, so I'm pretty sure the positions I have are either right or darned close.  Following the inset above:

Day 1 - Set out from Jefferson City to Bonnots Mill      16 miles
        2 - Bonnots Mill to Chamois                                   14 miles
        3 - Chamois to Hermann                                          22 miles
        4 - Hermann to Washington                                     30 miles
        5 - Washington to Klondike                                     17 miles
        6 - Klondike to St. Charles                                       28 miles
        7 - St. Charles to Lewis and Clark Park                   29 miles
        8 - Leave L&C Park for farewell banquet

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