Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jim called to let me know he had gotten to Jefferson City on the shuttle.  He's a bit concerned about Ibi, though.  When it was loaded onto the transit trailer this morning, it was loaded upside down, resting on the fore and aft decks instead of on the heavy-duty coaming.  He said when Ibi was strapped down her decks compressed quite a bit.  He's hoping the kevlar popped out and regained it's proper shape when she was unloaded.  The group is camping quite a distance from the landing where the boats are spending the night, and he hasn't seen Ibi since she was taken off the trailer.  Several of the support team is staying at the landing overnight to guard all the boats.  Wake-up time for the group is to be at 5:30 AM every day so they can get an early start, hopefully ahead of the worst of the daytime heat.  They are camping on the north side of the river tonight, in sight of the Capitol dome.  The high temp. at Jefferson City was forecast to be 97 today.  It was 103 here in Fairview at 3 PM.  The state of Missouri, like most of the mid-west is experiencing drought conditions.  One of the group with Jim is from that area and he said he's never seen the river so low.  A State of Emergency was declared in Missouri on July 23 due to the drought.  Water well drillers there are reportedly taking advantage of landowners hard-hit by lack of water, charging excessively high prices to drive new wells.  The low water level in the river will possibly make night-time exits kind of difficult - forcing the group to drag the canoes and kayaks up steep banks.  Will know more about that tomorrow.  Keep up with Jim by following his Spot Check on the right-hand side of the blog.  Try to keep cool and bug-free!

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