Thursday, July 26, 2012

In The Nick of Time

The O2 Model 1092 Portable Tent Fan

My hopes were realized.  USPS and FedEx indeed were delivering much faster than they were updating the tracking information.  Both the sail and fan are in hand.  I'm impressed with the fan so far, and while it has just come out of the box and I can't comment on durability, I found a number of attractive features that weren't even mentioned in the information on site.  Advertised as a tent fan, it would also be nice in an RV, on the porch, or even a picnic table.  While I couldn't even feel the air from the Coleman tent fan, this one puts out a very nice flow of air even on the low setting.

It has a stable base, a stand that adjusts in height, and rotates for the desired angle of elevation.  The magnets are very strong that hold the fan to the base.  This arrangement is chosen so the base can be removed and put outside the tent and the fan then secured back to it so the fan is suspended from the top or side of the tent.  Another thing I really like is that the battery pack has a thermostat.  You turn the control knob clockwise until you reach the setting you want, and if the air temperature drops during the night, the fan cuts off to save battery life.  The only down side is the battery demand, but if you want more air and more power, it's reasonable that you'll have to pay for it.  The pack takes eight D cell batteries, which run $12.88 at our local store, so the power-saving thermostate is doubly appreciated.  They advertise a battery life of 72-hours, so I'm only taking one set of replacement batteries to get me through the week.  If it is used in a vehicle, it just runs directly off the cigarette lighter plug. 

In spite of the 105-107 degree temperatures NOAA is forecasting so far for this trip, I trust this fan should give me some sleep at night.

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