Friday, July 6, 2012

The Great River Rumble

The Great River Rumble is a 146-mile river event from Jefferson City, Missouri, to the Lewis and Clark Visitors’ Center at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. This year’s event runs from 28 July to 4 August.

Organizers say the event runs through some of the best wine country in the Midwest, but we won’t be doing a lot of sampling from the looks of the legs. The shortest leg is 16-miles, and they vary from there to a 29-mile and 30-mile leg, with not a lot of help from current. Throw in a little wind, and they caution it can be a real endurance test.

We, and I say “we” because I’ve thrown my hat in, will meet at the Lewis and Clark Center, put our boats on a trailer, ourselves and our gear in buses, and make the road trip to Jefferson City. From there we paddle back to the Mississippi, camp along the river in various parks where all 150 of us get to compete for a half-dozen showers, and buy breakfast and dinner from caterers serving the group along the way. We are on our own for our tortillas and PB&J along the river for lunch. So, the check is in the mail.


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