Monday, May 28, 2012

Lake Marburg -4

I was hoping to get a better picture of the loon, but every time I got within 50-yards of it, it would dive.  Hoping to be closer, I figured about where it should surface and let Ibi drift in that direction.  I don't like to harrass wildlife, so if this didn't work, I would just go on.  Of course it was just luck, but it surfaced right in front of the canoe, and I took this picture.  I was still a bit disappointed, because they have the ability to come to periscope depth, like here, rather than fully surface, so I still only got a glimpse of its back and half its head.  To leave him in peace, I just turned and paddled on.

Getting to the end of one finger cove, I found a groundhog out for lunch.  Being more laid-back by nature than the loon, I was able to drift toward shore for a couple shots.

It wasn't groundhog day according to the calendar, but a half-hour later I saw this one making his way through the woods. 

Much of the 26 miles around the lake is wooded and natural.  Usually the only unnatural influence is where grounds are cleared for park and camping facilities, but then, somehow, this intrudes on the tranquility.  If anyone is worried about how the one-percenters are doing in the economy they created, here's evidence that they are doing fine.

A small group of mergansers.  Like the loon, also an uncommon sight in this area. 

Happy Memorial Day

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