Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lake Marburg - 3

On the way back from Lake Marburg, I stopped to get a shot of this barn on Bonny Brook Rd.  You can more clearly see the interesting brick work in the side of the barn.  Spaces are left between some bricks both for ventilation through the barn, and also to create interesting designs.  Set on a solid foundation and hip wall of stone, these barns can last almost forever if maintained. 

A much more modest, but beautifully maintained, barn on one of the roads coming out from the lake.

A local artisan that does chainsaw sculptures did this beautiful eagle's head on a feather.  We got an owl sitting on a stump from him last year.  His biggest sculpture in the area that we've seen is an eagle with spread wings and talons that must be 25-ft. tall.

More spring colors.

No, these are not multiple pictures of the same family.  It was the most wonderful day in a month, and everyone and every goose was out to take advantage of it.

Seeking cover along the shore.

It's called a Common Loon, but it is by no means common in this part of the country.  It had apparently stopped in for a rest while migrating.  I've never seen one this far south or this far inland before.

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