Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bugs in Starbucks Drink

Credit: googles images
Cochineal beetles are harvested from cacti they grow on.

Sometimes it’s amazing how little we know. CNN did a BREAKING NEWS story this morning about Starbucks coloring a strawberry drink with ground-up bugs. Suddenly you hear sounds of disgust. Actually La Cochineal beetles have been used for hundreds of years, perhaps thousands of years, to color anything that needed to be red. We've been eating mashed beetles in our ice cream, cake frosting, candy, and anything else you can think of that's red all of our lives.  Red velvet cake must have thousands of bugs in it.  Artificial colors have come a long way, so the beetle juice has been replaced in some things, but only relatively recently. Besides recipes, one of the largest users of beetle coloring has been women’s cosmetics. If you’re repulsed by drinking a beverage with a trace of beetle coloring in it, think of the billions of women that have painted their lips red with ground up beetles for eons to attract men. And the guys then did their best to suck all that beetle juice off their lips. Ooooooo!! If anyone thinks this is scandalous, they couldn’t begin to imagine the amount of seaweed they eat every day. Seaweed is in everything, from ice cream, bread, pudding, salad dressing, many prescriptions and over-the-counter medications, skin lotion, hair shampoo, nearly every store retailed pastry, cosmetics, vitamins, soap, toothpaste, and this doesn’t even start the list. If it isn’t there already, you can expect to find seaweed in your gasoline.

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