Sunday, April 8, 2012

To Eastern PA-1

Just a note on the first available laptop to let you know you haven't been forgotten.  We left early Sunday, the first.  We did 500 miles (for a round number) and spent the night in Robertsville State Park, west of St. Louis.  It was the first day of the park's season, but there were only two RV's in the entire park, with us being the second.  We were late getting in, and used the last of the day's light completing set-up.  Having the place all to ourselves would have been nice if we had had more time, but it was just a sleeping stop before pressing on. 

Ibi rides quite well on the roof racks.  Towing the trailer, we only do 55 mph.  Depending on wind direction, I've been running between 11.6 and 16.4 mpg.  I'd been hoping to attract the interest of another paddler in the rest areas, camp site, or at least a 'toot' from a fellow paddler along the road.  So far, I might as well be hauling a load of moon rocks. 

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